Javascript Framework


JavaScript Framework Shield UI  v.1.7.28

The JavaScript Framework by Shield UI offers various JavaScript/HTML5 components for streamlined development. Each individual control in the ever-expanding product offering boasts excellent performance and high-level of customization.

Easy Javascript Framework (EJF)  v.1.0

Easy Javascript Framework (EJF) is a very simple framework to help people to develop applications using Javascript.


Nano JavaScript framework  v.1.0

nano is a light-weight JavaScript framework for building rich UI in web applications.

JSAX JavaScript Abstractions for X(HT)ML  v.20060317

JSAX - JavaScript Abstractions for X(HT)ML This is a JavaScript framework which is compatibel with the latest versions of Mozilla, Opera, Konqueror(+safari) and M$-IE.

MPagesJS JavaScript Library  v.1.0.rc2

mPagesJS is a JavaScript Framework that provides a core interface into all client-side functionality within Cerner Millennium Pages - MPages.

Simple Javascript Spreadsheet  v.1.0

An OpenSource Javascript Spreadsheet project based on Qooxdoo javascript framework.

Prototype Reference  v.1.1

Prototype Reference widget is intended for JavaScript developers, using the latest release of the Prototype JavaScript Framework.

JSPackaging  v.2.1

JSPackaging is a JavaScript framework that provides simple directives for defining, loading & importing uniquely named packages of JavaScript modules.

MathJax  v.1.0

MathJax is a modular javascript framework for including mathematics in web pages.

OpenLink AJAX Toolkit  v.2.8

OAT, OpenLink AJAX Tools, is a Javascript framework for building rich browser-based user interfaces using XML/A to connect to databases.

TouTouJS  v.0.1.2.alpha

TouTouJS is a javascript framework which provides a cross-browser toolkit and advanced and interactive GUI objects.

Local Load  v.1.0.5

Local Load is a Firefox extension, load common JavaScript libraries from local resources using valid HTML5 compliant custom data attributes. Currently supports all JavaScript files listed on the Google AJAX Library API.

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